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Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs provide children with specialized activities to broaden their interests. These creative offerings include Music & Movement, Spanish, Speech & Language, Dance, Gymnastics, Mad Science, Cooking, Taekwondo, and Yoga. In addition, preschool classes have the opportunity to walk to the Public Library for Storytime each week.


Music and Movement

This enrichment program is already included in the cost of tuition. Once per week our music man, from the Jam Cats visits our classrooms for 30 minutes each to provide a fun, engaging live music session. 


This enrichment program is already included in the cost of tuition. Our teachers provide a Spanish enrichment program that includes Spanish circle time, vocabulary review, music, and Spanish story time. 

Image by James Lee
Speech Therapy

Speech & Language

Speech & Language is an optional enrichment program offered to all age groups infants through preschool. This program brings in licensed speech and language pathologists to help foster language development for the children. 



Dance is an optional enrichment program. The dance class is perfect for getting children moving on their feet! Class features dancing to favorites such as “Animal Action,” “Shake your Sillies Out,” and “Move and Freeze,” as well as learning basics of ballet, modern, and hip hop as students learn to leap and turn across the floor. A game of freeze dance, dance Simon Says, or Four Corners (version of freeze dance) brings each class to an end. 

Young Ballerinas
Kid Jumping Trampoline


Gymnastics is an optional enrichment program. A multifaceted introduction to gymnastics and all around physical fitness. Each class is structured and includes stretching exercises, aerobics to music, gymnastic skills, games, and more!

Science Kit

Mad Science 

Mad Science is an optional enrichment program where our preschoolers get involved in scientific experiments. This is a hands-on class that covers a different topic every week. We create crazy cool concoctions in the kitchen and cook up chemistry!

Science Kit
Kid Chefs


Cooking is an optional enrichment program through Health Barn This program gives children the opportunity to make culinary creations and learn about the 7 healthy habits. 


Taekwondo is an optional enrichment program revolving around respect for themselves and others. The children learn basic kicks, blocks and punches, while also learning about balance and coordination.

Martial Arts Class
Little children and their teacher practicing yoga


Yoga is an optional enrichment program.  As children move through postures they gain more and more confidence in themselves. The use of the children's hand eye coordination is one of the ways the muscular system benefits as well as encouraging proper posture.

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