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Our School

The Everyday 


Our communication App will provide you with daily photos of your child to view while you are at work. End of day reports will include details of your child's day including how much they ate, diaper changes and bathroom use.  Any notes or special announcements will be sent through this platform.

Outdoor Areas

We have over 5,000 square feet of outdoor space. We offer separate play areas for different age groups and all get to play at least twice per day for an hour. Babies who are immobile go on stroller walks in our privately fenced in yard. Our preschool classes also have the privilege of using our state-of-the-art outdoor classroom. This natural classroom offers children the opportunity to work and learn using natural materials such as sand and water tables, gardening, music and art areas. 

Classroom Gallery

Our facility provides a warm and loving environment with a calming and inviting feel. Each classroom is filled with natural sunlight and soft colored surroundings. Our furniture is locally handmade with natural wood. We believe in utilizing natural and real materials for children to use while they are here. 

The three teachers in the Regio Emilia approach; We recognize parents/guardians as the first teacher, classroom teachers as the second and the environment as the third. 

Preschool Classrooms

Each preschool class features: Blocks, Dramatic Play and Housekeeping, Fine Motor Manipulatives, Cozy-Quiet corners, Sensory Play, Sand and Water Tables, Art, Woodworking, Library, Writing Area, Discovery Centers, Listening Centers, Science, Math & Literacy. 

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